A Little Background

I have had glasses since I was twelve and now being twenty-eight, I couldn’t have told you what it felt like to see without them.  Contacts have also been a route that I’ve tried but I could not wear them for very long without bothering my eyes, so they ended up not being a great option for me.  My vision was not the worst in the world, (around -2.50) but I still needed glasses to watch tv, drive or do anything where I needed to see a distance.  For my job, I sit at a computer for a majority of the day so I actually didn’t wear glasses to work at all.  I was able to make it by for the most part, except if there were presentations where I needed to see a screen.  That was always a bit trickier. 🙂

After some serious thinking I decided I wanted to look into having Lasik.  I did a lot of research online and discussed it with my family and friends who have had it done.  For those that have had it done, some actually had it done at Kraff and were extremely happy with it.  The reviews on Yelp were also a big help for me.  Kraff’s ratings were extremely high and the overall comments were great.  This is what led me to scheduling a consultation.

Initial Consultation – 2/1/11

The overall consultation took about an hour and consisted of a bunch of tests.  It was actually pretty cool to see some of the image scans of my eyeballs!  After the tests were conducted, I met with Dr. Colman Kraff.  He reviewed my tests and determined that I would be a good candidate.  Now, the one thing to keep in mind is that they WILL turn you down if they do not think you are a good candidate.  That fact alone was very important to me because they are not setup to just take your money and do a shoddy job.  Their reputation is high for a reason.  I had some questions ready for when I came in and they were all answered which eased my mind.  I realized after the questions that everyone is different, so if you hear of someone’s reaction to the procedure, it may not be the same for you.  Once the meeting with Dr. Kraff was finished I decided that I would like to move forward and then went to discuss the details.  My appointment was scheduled for the 18th and I was given prescriptions for pain medicine and a couple sets of eye drops for after the procedure.  There were also the standard consent forms which I needed to fill out and bring in the day of the procedure.  The next steps were a pre-op which I was able to have with my eye doctor who is an affiliate of Kraff.  If you’re looking for an awesome eye doctor, her name is Dr. Shoudis of CustomEyes and I highly recommend her.

Lasik Procedure – 2/18/11

I will be the first to admit that I was a bit nervous about having the procedure BUT I was more excited about being able to see clearly and not needing glasses.  The first thing I needed was some more tests/measurements on my eyes and to also have scans done for the CustomVue option.  Upon completion, I was given a valium then went to the waiting room.  I could definitely feel the valium kick in and could only explain it as not really worrying about too much.  There was no anxiety for the procedure and I felt extremely calm.  My name was called and I went into one room where I laid down and they created the corneal flap.  This seemed to happen extremely quick and there was no pain.  The only thing I did feel was a bit of pressure on my eyes when they put in an apparatus to keep my eyelids open.  After the cuts were made, I could still see but my vision was blurry.  I was walked into the room next door which is where the Lasik takes place.  My fiancé was outside of the room watching the whole thing on the screens outside.  I wish I had a DVD for memories. 🙂  During this time, I could see little tools by my eyes where they pick up the flap and then I was told to stare at the laser which took seconds.  They do one eye at a time, so once that finished up, I was pretty much all set.  I went into an exam room and was looked over and given instructions as to what to do for the next few hours and beyond.  They gave me sunglasses for outside which reminded me of Oakley’s which was cool.  We grabbed a cab home and once there I noticed I was tearing a lot which was totally normal.  I was told that the best thing to do is try to go to sleep as soon as you get home.  You are given a little mask that sort of looks like what Horace Grant wore back in the day.  Unfortunately my eyes were burning a bit, a feeling I could describe as chlorine from a pool and maybe a piece of sand in your eye.  It wasn’t the worst but just a bit uncomfortable.  I did end up falling asleep for a couple hours and when I woke up, I felt really good.  It was amazing to actually be able to see clearly when I woke up.  Over the next couple days, I tried to keep it pretty relaxed and did watch some tv which did not bother me at all.  I stayed off the computer because that seemed to bother me a bit more.  The days leading up to my follow-up were good.  I did notice my eyes being more dry when on the computer and when I left work, they seemed better right away.  Keeping a bunch of eye drops with me was very important.

1 Week Follow-up – 2/26/11

This was the best day so far.  During the week before, some nights I would wake up and my eyes felt sort of dry.  This has started to taper off I’ve noticed but am not sure if it will come back every now and then just yet.  The nice thing about going to CustomEyes is that they can do all your follow-up appointments which means I do not need to head downtown.  The appointment was pretty short and I had some measurements taken.  My vision is currently at 20/15.  I have a slight astigmatism in my right eye but was told this should start to even out once some of the swelling goes down.  I notice a very SLIGHT amount of blurriness in my right eye because of this but nothing that would hinder anything.  My next appointment is in a month.

1 Month Follow-up – 3/19/11

Everything has stayed consistent so far.  My astigmatism in my right eye is gone and my left eye was at 0.25 but I was told this could be due to some dryness.  Overall my eyes are healing nicely.  I still have a small amount of “bruising” on the left eye but it is going away.  I think one thing that helped this was that I was told to try a multivitamin.  This has seemed to clear it up even quicker.  The dryness has been decreasing, even after spending time on the computer.

3 Month Follow-up – 5/21/11

Things are still looking great!  There isn’t much to report, I can still see clearly.  The dryness is basically completely gone and I’ll use drops every now and then when I feel I need them.  My next appointment will be in August.

6 Month Follow-up – 11/12/11

I know it’s been a little later than 6 months but things have been really busy and I wasn’t able to get in until recently.  The good news is that everything has been going really well still.  After my check-up, there has been no change since my 3 month follow-up.  There is random dryness which my doctor said is due to the weather changing.  At most, I use the drops once a week or so.  If they start getting dry, I was told to just put them in each morning and that should help.

1 Year Follow-up – 2/7/12

It’s been almost a full year since my lasik procedure and things have been great.  Following my check up, I had a slight variation of less than 0.25 but this may also be caused by dryness in the air.  Although this winter has been pretty mild, I’ve noticed that some days I do need my drops and that my eyes have been dry but nothing extreme.  I would say on a week where it’s dry, I’ve used the drops maybe 3 or 4 times.  My experience a year later is still amazing.  I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Shoudis at CustomEyes and Dr. Kraff.  This will probably be my last post regarding my experience.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!